Change log


  • Fixes an issue where Get-MicrosoftEdge was only returning ARM64 downloads

  • Updates Get-MicrosoftEdge to only return downloads for the Enterprise ring (removed Consumer ring)

  • Fixes an issue with Get-MicrosoftTeams where is was returning an incorrect download URL


  • Updates Get-MicrosoftEdge to correctly return the latest version and policy files for the Enterprise ring

  • Updates output for private function Resolve-Uri with addition properties

  • Updates Get-FoxitReader, Get-MicrosoftFSLogixApps, and Get-MicrosoftSsms to use Resolve-Uri instead of Resolve-RedirectedUri for improved performance

  • Updates Get-LibreOffice to retrieve latest version from the update API instead of page scraping

  • Updates private function ConvertTo-DateTime with improvements in returning localised date (so the rest of us don't need to be stuck with US date formats)

  • Aligns Get-NotepadPlusPlus with private function ConvertFrom-GitHubReleasesJson to return GitHub release data

  • Fixes output in Get-VMwareTools to ensure correct version and download URL are returned

  • Adds date to output in several functions

  • General code and inline help improvements

  • Adds module icon for display in the PowerShell Gallery


  • Updates Get-MicrosoftEdge with the following:

    • Returns Edge for Windows only

    • Removes -Channels and -Platforms parameters. Filter output with Where-Object instead

    • Returns these channels and downloads only Stable, Beta, EdgeUpdate, and Policy (administrative templates)

    • Filters and returns only the latest version of each of the above channels and downloads

    • Output includes Channel (Stable, Beta etc.) and Release (Enterprise, Consumer) to enable filtering


  • Adds Get-MicrosoftWvdInfraAgent

  • Adds Get-dnGrep

  • Recode of Get-PaintDotNet (or how did I not know about ConvertFrom-StringData before?)

  • To simplify output, removes Linux, macOS output from Get-CitrixWorkspaceApp, Get-GoogleChrome, Get-OracleVirtuaBox, Get-LibreOffice, Get-MicrosoftVisualStudioCode, Get-MozillaFirefox, Get-OracleVirtualBox, Get-TeamViewer

  • Updates RegEx method to extract version across various functions to simplify code

  • Splits Pester tests for Public functions to allow for faster local testing


  • Adds Get-Handbrake, Get-KeePass, Get-OpenShellMenu, Get-VastLimitsUberAgent, Get-WinSCP

  • Removes macOS and Linux output from Get-AdobeAcrobatReader, Get-LibreOffice

  • Filters macOS and Linux output from private function ConvertFrom-GitHubReleasesJson.ps1

  • Fixes spaces in private function ConvertFrom-SourceForgeReleasesJson


  • Adds private function ConvertFrom-SourceForgeReleasesJson to convert JSON release info from SourceForge projects and simplify adding additional functions that pull release info from SourceForge projects. Release information is limited by what's provided from SourceForge

  • Updates Get-WinMerge to use ConvertFrom-SourceForgeReleasesJson

  • Adds Get-7Zip, Get-PDFForgePDFCreator

  • Renames -TrustCertificate parameter in private function Invoke-WebContent to -SkipCertificateCheck to align with -SkipCertificateCheck available in 'Invoke-WebRequest in PowerShell Core

  • Enables -SkipCertificateCheck for both PowerShell Core and Windows PowerShell in Invoke-WebContent. Previously supported Windows PowerShell only

  • Improves code in Invoke-WebContent

  • Adds -Uri parameter validation in Get-GitHubRelease to ensure valid GitHub URLs are passed to the function

  • Sets function global ErrorPreference to Stop to ensure better exception output from functions in the event of failures


  • Adds ConvertFrom-GitHubReleasesJson to standardise queries to GitHub repositories

  • Updates Get-Atom, Get-BISF, Get-GitForWindows, Get-Greenshot, Get-MicrosoftPowerShellCore, Get-OpenJDK, Get-ShareX, Get-mRemoteNG to use ConvertFrom-GitHubReleasesJson

  • Updates RegEx for version matching strings for BISF, GitForWindows, ShareX

  • Adds Get-Architecture and Get-Platform private functions

  • Adds Get-GitHubRelease to enable returning version and downloads from any GitHub repository. Use to get versions of applications on GitHub that aren't yet included in Evergreen


  • Fixes an issue where Get-Zoom was still returning a URI to downloads with query strings attached.


  • Updates URL to current version for TeamViewer. New URL requires different approach to query

  • Adds Invoke-SystemNetRequest that uses System.Net.WebRequest to make a HTTP request and return response

  • Updates Get-TeamViewer to use Invoke-SystemNetRequest to retrieve version from updated URL. Updates code to return version and download URL as a result

  • Updates Get-Zoom to use Resolve-Uri to follow download URLs and find version number. Get-Zoom now returns more versions numbers for Zoom downloads than previously. Updates RegEx approach that returns version numbers from download URLs


  • Adds back Get-FileZilla using the application update API. Currently returns only the 64-bit version of FileZilla for Windows.


  • Adds Get-MicrosoftOneDrive. We recommend validating versions returned by this function with OneDrive release notes‚Äč

  • Removes Get-FileZilla until a more robust process to return versions and download can be created

  • Removes progress bar for Invoke-WebRequest for faster query of APIs

  • Updates Get-NotepadPlusPlus to use the GitHub releases API to find new versions as the application update API can be out of date


  • Updates Get-GitForWindows to return correct version number

  • Updates Get-Zoom to return version number correctly

  • Adds Resolve-Uri with a new method of returning redirects from 301/302 via @iainbrighton


  • Updates Get-FileZilla to return 32-bit and 64-bit download URIs


  • Adds Get-MicrosoftTeams

  • Update error handling in Get-VideoLanVlcPlayer


  • Adds Get-MicrosoftEdge for the new Chromium based Microsoft Edge

  • Additional verbose output in Invoke-WebContent


  • Adds Get-ScooterBeyondCompare

  • Updates XML parsing approach in Get-CitrixRssFeed, Get-CitrixWorkspaceApp, Get-NotepadPlusPlus, Get-VideoLanVlcPlayer


  • Adds private function Resolve-RedirectedUri to handle resolving 301/302 redirects on PowerShell Core and Windows PowerShell

  • Updates Get-VideoLanVlcPlayer, Get-MicrosoftSsms, Get-FoxitReader, Get-MicrosoftFSLogixApps, Get-Zoom with full support for PowerShell Core

  • Updates logic to filter out prerelease assets in Get-Atom, Get-BISF, Get-GitForWindows, Get-Greenshot, Get-MicrosoftPowerShellCore, Get-OpenJDK, Get-ShareX, Get-mRemoteNG

  • Prevents Get-MicrosoftSsms, Get-CitrixRssFeed, Get-Cyberduck, Get-OracleJava8 from throwing on error

  • Updates to application manifests with some work on silent install commands


  • Adds Get-MicrosoftFSLogixApps


  • Fixes version match in Get-ControlUpAgent


  • Adds Get-Cyberduck



  • Changes approach used in Get-ControlUpAgent to retrieve agent details and enables PowerShell Core support

  • Implemented per-application manifests (URLs, RegEx, strings etc.) for simpler function management

  • Adds Export-EvergreenFunctionStrings to export per-application manifests

  • Renames function Get-Java8 to Get-OracleJava8

  • Adds Pester tests for Public functions to ensure URI properties are valid


  • Updates Get-LibreOffice update query approach to provide a more consistent output

  • Updates Get-LibreOffice to work on PowerShell Core

  • Changes Get-LibreOffice output and parameters to align with other functions

  • Updates Get-NotepadPlusPlus to gracefully handle update server issues (CloudFlare DDOS challenges)

  • Fixes version output in Get-OpenJDK

  • Updates Get-mRemoteNG with handling issues when getting Updates

  • Updates to Public function Pester tests

  • Updates Evergreen.json with consistent property naming and corresponding functions


  • Updates Get-MicrosoftSsms to ensure that the URI property returns the correct SSMS download for the latest version


  • Adds Get-WinMerge


  • Updates Get-VideoLanVlcPlayer output to include ZIP and MSI links for VLC Player for Windows


  • Updates Get-MicrosoftSsms to URL (e.g. to return actual URI


  • Updates Get-VideoLanVlcPlayer to return download mirrors for URI values


  • Adds Get-Atom and Get-TeamViewer


  • Update Get-Zoom to the same HTTP post as to return the download URI. Returns download for Windows and VDI environments

  • Build script changes


  • Adds Get-mRemoteNG

  • Update version format to YearMonth.Build (hopefully we won't change this again)

  • Automate versioning in the module to the new format

  • Automate update of appveyor.yml as YearMonth changes

  • Output variables in AppVeyor to \tests\


  • Adds Get-OpenJDK

  • Changes version notation to: YearMonth.Day.Build


  • Adds Get-MicrosoftOffice


  • Fixes URIs for updates in Get-AdobeAcrobatReaderDC

  • Adds additional Pester tests for Public functions to ensure generated URI values are valid


  • Adds Get-FoxitReader


  • Fixes output in Get-GitForWindows, Get-MicrosoftSmss


  • Adds Get-GitForWindows, Get-ShareX


  • Adds Get-Java8


  • Adds Get-BISF

  • Adds ConvertTo-DateTime private function to handle DateTime conversion on PowerShell Core / Windows PowerShell


  • First verison pushed to the PowerShell Gallery

  • Initial functions are:

Export-EvergreenResourceStrings Get-AdobeAcrobatReaderDC Get-CitrixAppLayeringFeed Get-CitrixApplicationDeliveryManagementFeed Get-CitrixEndpointManagementFeed Get-CitrixGatewayFeed Get-CitrixHypervisorFeed Get-CitrixLicensingFeed Get-CitrixReceiverFeed Get-CitrixSdwanFeed Get-CitrixVirtualAppsDesktopsFeed Get-CitrixWorkspaceApp Get-CitrixWorkspaceAppFeed Get-CitrixXenServerTools Get-ControlUpAgent Get-FileZilla Get-GoogleChrome Get-Greenshot Get-LibreOffice Get-MicrosoftPowerShellCore Get-MicrosoftSsms Get-MicrosoftVisualStudioCode Get-MozillaFirefox Get-NotepadPlusPlus Get-OracleVirtualBox Get-PaintDotNet Get-VideoLanVlcPlayer Get-VMwareTools Get-Zoom