Change log

Last updated 2 months ago


Public Functions

  • Add Get-LatestServicingStack Public function to return Servicing Stack updates for Windows 10 versions.

  • Update module description


  • Add Pester tests for Get-LatestServicingStack


Public Functions

  • Added Get-LastestFlash public function to return the latest Adobe Flash Player updates for Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 / 2019 etc.

  • Update module version to 2.1

  • Add -ForceWebRequest parameter to Save-LatestUpdate to enable force usage of Invoke-WebRequest over Start-BitsTransfer even on Windows PowerShell

  • Update Save-WebRequest to use private function Test-PSCore to test whether module is running under PowerShell Core and to use Invoke-WebRequest over Start-BitsTransfer

Private Functions

  • Added private functions Get-KbUpdateArray, Get-RxString, Get-UpdateCatalogLink, Get-UpdateCatalogLink, Get-UpdateDownloadArray, Get-UpdateFeed to optimise shared code across Get-LastestFlash and Get-LatestUpdate public functions.


  • Update Public and Private function Pester tests


Public Functions

  • Changed to use RSS Atom feed for each version of Windows. This feed is kept up to date by Microsoft (Thanks to @BladeFireLight)

  • Changed process to determine latest update based on Windows 10 build minor number instead of KB number (Thanks to @BladeFireLight)

  • Updated Get-LatestUpdate to return an array of all processor architectures. Returns KB, Architecture, Note, URL to the pipeline that can be filtered in a script

  • Removed dynamic parameters -Architecture, -SearchString as these are no longer needed

  • Updated Get-LatestUpdate to support Windows 10 1809

  • Improved error handling and feed retrieval in Get-LatestUpdate

  • Updated Save-LatestUpdate to support new output from Get-LatestUpdate


  • Update Pester tests in PublicFunctions.Tests.ps1 to support new output format in Get-LatestUpdate


Public Functions

  • Modified Invoke-WebRequest calls within Get-LatestUpdate and Save-LatestUpdate to use the UseBasicParsing parameter, removing the reliance on Internet Explorer, and enabling the script to work in PowerShell 6


Public Functions

  • Updated Get-LatestUpdate to support Windows 10 1803 (17134)


Public Functions

  • Fix inline help examples for Import-LatestUpdate to address issue #11


  • Update Pester tests in PublicFunctions.Tests.ps1 to ensure successful tests for Get-LatestUpdate using Should -Not -BeNullOrEmpty



  • Update module version

  • Inline help updates

  • Module description updates

Public Functions

  • Add support for Windows 8.1 / 7 (and Windows Server 2012 R2 / 2008 R2) to Get-LatestUpdate

  • Change parameters with -WindowsVersion, -Build, -Architecture in Get-LatestUpdate to support Windows OS changes

Private Functions

  • Add private function New-DynamicParam to support -WindowsVersion, -Build, -Architecture in Get-LatestUpdate


  • Update Pester tests



  • Inline help updates, code style formatting

  • Update module description

  • Update module release notes link

Private functions

  • Add Test-PSCore for testing when environment is PowerShell Core

  • Add suppression of PSUseDeclaredVarsMoreThanAssignments for PSScriptAnalyzer false positive in Select-LatestUpdate

  • Pester tests now test Select-LatestUpdate

Public functions

  • Update Get-LatestUpdate and Save-LatestUpdate with support for PowerShell Core

  • Better error handling in Import-LatestUpdate


  • Add Pester tests for Test-PSCore



  • Fix ProjectUri

Private functions

  • Rename Get-ValidPath (from Test-UpdateParameter)

  • Simplify Import-MdtModule output

  • Add New-MdtDrive

  • Add Remove-MdtDrive

  • Improve New-MdtPackagesFolder robustness, update output

  • Update Select-LatestUpdate notes

  • Update Select-UniqueUrl notes

Public functions

  • Update Get-LatestUpdate inline help

  • Update Import-LatestUpdate inline help, parameters, new MDT drive, more robust action when creating the MDT package folder

  • Fix pipeline support for Save-LatestUpdate


  • Detailed Pester tests for Private and Public functions