Supported Platforms

Last updated 10 months ago

Windows Verisons

VcRedist supports installing the Visual C++ Redistributables on Windows 10 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2016/2019 (GUI and Server Core). Basic testing has been done on earlier versions of Windows; however, only best effort support is provided for 32-bit and/or downlevel operating systems.

PowerShell Editions

VcRedist supports PowerShell 5.0 and above with testing completed on Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and even macOS. Given that the Visual C++ Redistributables are only installable on Windows, full support is only offered for Windows.

Some testing has been performed on Windows 7 with WMF 5.1. If you are running an earlier version of PowerShell, update to the latest release of the Windows Management Framework.

PowerShell Core

Get-VcList, Get-VcRedist, Export-VcXml and Install-VcRedist support PowerShell Core; however, because Import-VcMdtApp and Import-VcCmApp require the MDT Workbench or the ConfigMgr console, full support for PowerShell Core will depend on Microsoft updating the MDT and ConfigMgr PowerShell modules to support it.